Welcome to the Gentleman's code of conduct for online dating.


Before you start...

To understand the beauty of a Woman's complexity, you needs to find the path that leads to the uniqueness of her simplicity. So to catch your right Woman's attention, you need to make her Laugh, Learn and Live. Together with Respect & Genteelness, this interaction undeniably brings harmony regardless of the nature of the connection, whether it leads to a friendship, a relationship or simply an agreement to disagree.

Step 1/7


Before you start online dating, make sure you perform an introspective journey, so that you know who you are, what you want, what you don't want and especially what you don't know. This is a sign of respect towards the Woman's time, effort & emotions, as no one can be utilized as your introspective experiment.

Step 2/7

Content is key

Once you've performed your introspective journey, you'll have enough information to start creating unique content about yourself. This content can be exploited under different formats (text, images, audio & video) & channels (blog, social networks, apps), while differentiating between privacy VS secrecy.

Step 3/7

Choose wisely...

Choose wisely your channel... Online dating doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be registered on a dating app. Any online platform whether it's a social network, a blog or even linkedin, the important thing is to identify a person with whom you share similar interests, passion and mindset, where you can connect beyond the physical appearance.

Step 4/7

1st conversation

This is the moment where you will make a difference, if the content of your profile is rich then in most cases a Woman will even make the first move and write to you. Bare in mind that most men are asking the same questions, so make sure you have read the profile of the woman and immediately take the lead through intelligence or humor.

Step 5/7

Follow her rhythm

Once you have taken the lead and shown interest and caught her attention, make sure you follow her rhythm, don't precipitate into exchanding numbers, just wait for her to propose or you can mention it that whenever she feels comfortable you would like to discuss over whatsapp.

Step 6/7


The rule for whatsapp is simple:

Step 7/7

First Date...

Your first date might be your last, so make sure you are the one who takes the initiative to organize, prepare and propose the right place(s). It's preferably better to meet for a coffee the first time and make sure you are the one inviting.


Congratulations, now that you've made it to the first date, if you have any questions just follow-us...