Welcome to the Women's code of conduct for online dating



First of all, you must understand that there is no such thing as a code of conduct for Women. Because a Woman has the ability to give life and a Selfless Woman is a school of life. Therefore it is the man's duty to encourage & trust a Woman through her journey, which will reinforce her intuitive abilities to keep making better decisions.
One way of doing so, is by sharing transparent info about how men think & operate.
So the Women's code of conduct is a guide to the man's mind & behavior.

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Before you start online dating, make sure that you first perform an introspective journey, so that you know who you are, what you want, what you don't want and especially what you don't know. This is a sign of respect towards the man's time, effort and emotions, as you cannot utilize other people as an experiment to know yourself better.

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Content is key

Once you've performed your introspective journey, you'll have enough information to start creating unique content about yourself. This content can be exploited under different formats (text, images, audio & video) & channels (blog, social networks, apps), while differentiating between privacy VS secrecy. The more you elaborate the information in your profile the higher the chances are for a man to approach you in a way where he will make you laugh, learn and live.

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Choose wisely...

Choose wisely your channel... Online dating doesn't necessarily mean that you need to register on a dating app. Any online community is valid, whether it's a social network, a meetup, a blog... the important thing is to identify a person with whom you share similar interests, passion and mindset, where you can connect beyond the physical appearance. Ladies, you have an advantage online compared to men, no matter what channel you use, even if you contact a man on linkedin, the approach will still be receptive.

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The vicious circle

Due to bad experiences, Women tend to protect themselves by creating barriers. As far as men are aware of those obstacles, many men focus their energy on bringing down those barriers by making a woman hear what she wants to hear. Once all the barriers are down and the relation gets into a more intimite stage, then that's the moment where men change or dissapear as they start thinking too late. To avoid this, don't build a fortress around you, just put barriers in the right place at the right time with the right height.

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His vulnerability is...

One of the big differences between Women & men, is that Women discuss & share everything between them, including their vulnerabilities. While for a man, sharing his vulnerability is considered as a sign of weakness. One factor that characterizes the balance of a man, is his capacity to control his sexual pulsations. If he lacks this, then it will lead to a vulnerability which he doesn't share with anyone and only manifest it through a hidden agenda. The excess of temptation together with the lack of solidarity increases the frustration for men. Empathy & understanding is required at this stage.

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Can you handle the truth?

When a Woman asks a man: "What are you looking for", if the man says "sex" then the Woman will say or think "what a pig" if he says "I am looking for a serious relationship" she will say "what a liar" if he says "I just like to go with the flow", she will say "this guy doesn't know what he wants". So basically no matter what answer a man gives it's never going to be good enough for a Woman. Now, a lot of men would like to be in a relationship if they find the right person, but most men who use dating apps are mainly looking for fun. So if you expect an honnest answer when you ask "are you looking for something serious?", the honnest answer might be "YES, but not with you..." So can you handle the truth?

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"What are you looking for?" (never ask this)

When it comes to online dating, as mentioned earlier men lie a lot. So when you as a Woman ask the question to man: "what are you looking for?", then you are giving him enough territory to manipulate you, as he will see you as naive and lacking maturity. Because a Woman has the 5 qualities required to be able to mobilize a man in the direction that she wants, following her rythm, rules and principles. If a man doesn't follow this then he's the wrong man for you. A self-confident Woman never asks this question unless if...


Congratulations, now that you've made it to the first date, if you have any questions just follow-us...