The landscape of online dating has become a jungle, where Women are lacking trust & men are lacking manners. As far as there are no rules in online dating, CASANOVAME has been introduced to arbitrate the environment of online dating by creating a code of conduct where Women can learn about the DOs & DONTs, while men are reminded of the Gentlemen's manners, in order to create a more authentic environment based on respect, trust and proper communication so that Women can express their true feminity while experiencing a new facade of the manhood’s Genteelness.

a dating app? NO...

A dating app is a tool that helps filtering individuals in order to communicate privately with them through whatsapp or instagram. CASANOVAME is a filter without being a dating app. It provides you with a content-driven & community-centric approach where you get to learn, interact and participate in discussions with individuals who share the same values, principles & purpose.

Code of

There is Code of Conduct for Women & another one for Future Gentlemen. What they both have in common, are the first 3 points, which can be applied within the CASANOVAME community or on any third party site:

1. Performing an introspective journey in order to know who you are, what you want, what you don't want & especially what you don't know.

2. Content is key, therefore after performing point 1, use that information to curate your profile(s) within the right formats & channels.

3.Choose wisely the channel, as online dating doesn't necessarily mean using a a dating app...


You're more likely to benefit from the CASANOVAME experience if you possess or intend to possess the SSS factors:
Seriousness, Self-confidence & Selflessness.
1. Seriousely willing to start a relationship.
2. Having enough Self-confidence to be able to embrace the truth.
3. Being Selfless enough to put others' well-being before your own ego & desires.

Future Gentlemen

Are you looking for the ultimate playbook? if yes, you are in the WRONG place, here you learn about the greatness of your manhood, how to stay true to your principles, ethics & moral standards. Because what most Women will agree on, is that the sexiest thing in a man is his brain, when he uses it…

Once upon a time

I believe that the quality of a family nucleus reflects the quality of a society, while the couple is an essence of the family nucleus. As far as online dating has become a major source for the formation of couples, then by investing into a healthier environment for online dating, we insure a better society.

CASANOVAME is an investment for a better society, it helps reducing the gap between the differences on how women & men think and approach relationships, while increasing their chances of starting a relationship based on trust & respect.

Last but not least, for a man to understand the beauty of a Woman's complexity, he needs to find the path that leads to the uniqueness of her simplicity. So to catch your right Woman's attention, you need to make her Laugh, Learn and Live. Together with Respect & Genteelness, this interaction undeniably brings harmony regardless of the nature of the connection, whether it leads to a friendship, a relationship or simply an agreement to disagree.

If you feel aligned, then click on START to change your life experience...